what makes THEM different

“If you take Revol backwards, it reads LOVER, hence the idea of creating a REVOL LOVER community.” 

…through the generations

REVOL is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain, managed by the same family for nine generations. The Revols are manufacturers, traders, merchants, and master potters, from father to son. And while genealogy places this family in the north of the Drôme, archaeology shows that its regional roots extend all the way to the city of Lyon. It is there that the Pierre Revol’s family builds pottery studios throughout the 18th century.

To serve American customers the best way possible, REVOL created an American subsidiary about 10 years ago. Their warehouse is currently located in Georgia, where they receive, stock and distribute the products that arrive from the French factory via containers. REVOL’s team in Georgia has a total of 5 proud & dedicated employees.